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Self-Help: Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF

Jin Shin Jyutsu can be applied as self-help as well as by a trained practitioner. It is an art of self-harmonizing, self-healing. Listening (jumper-cabling) with hands to the breath of Universal Energy within the body sparks its harmonious flow. As energy flows freely it is available for each individual function of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help can be utilized to reduce stress, to support the body’s optimal health and as effortless meditation.

The rediscovery of this ancient, innate art came about in the early 1900s when, by utilizing simple self-help techniques, Jiro Murai recovered from critical illness. In gratitude and awe, he dedicated his remaining 50 years to researching Jin Shin Jyutsu. During her 50 years of studying and practicing the Art, Mary Burmeister, Jiro Murai’s student, authored four Self-Help Books. These books offer the awareness, understanding and application of Jin Shin Jyutsu in a simple and resonant form.  As well, there are several other Self-Help Books written by students of Mary which focus on personal experiences, working with animals, and using Jin Shin Jyutsu for those who are critically ill or dying.

“Each of us is the artist and the creator.”
Mary Burmeister


Jiro Murai and Mary Burmeister, during her studies
with him in Japan


Receiving and learning Jin Shin Jyutsu engages one in self study. We recognize the wisdom of the body and learn to interpret and utilize the body’s messages to reestablish balance. Self-Help Classes introduce the breadth of this art, and simple hands-on techniques that can be used by anybody, anywhere, anytime. The self-help techniques can be utilized for family, friends and pets, as well as oneself.

Cynthia and Uzi present Self-Help Classes locally and internationally, singly and as a team. Classes can be designed to empower a family to support a loved one in need, for school or community groups of any age, for hospital staff and/or patients, for a support group or a business team. The focus can be to reduce tensions at the office, complement medical care, calm and clear the mind, harmonize with the changing seasons, or simply to become acquainted with this art of getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.

Schedule of 2015 Self-Help Classes coming soon



Self-Help Evenings in 2014
unwind, listen within, recharge

Tuesdays: January 7 and 21 and February 4
Wednesdays: January 15 and 29
5:30 - 6:45

Fee: $10 per eve
Inn of the Alameda, 303 East Alameda (Paseao de Peralta) Santa Fe, New Mexico

Organizer: Uzi Broshi
Phone: (505) 474-7006
Cell: (510) 290-7989
Address: 1114 Hickox, Santa Fe, NM 87505


Self-Help Class

Introduction to Jin Shin jyutsu (Self-Help Books 1, 2 and 3)

Date: Saturday and Sunday, February 1 and 2, 2014

Fee: $150
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Organizer: Uzi Broshi
Phone: (505) 474-7006
Cell: (510) 290-7989
Address: 841 E Alameda, Unit 2, Santa Fe NM 87501